We are the official e-commerce channel of Seiko Thailand. All products are 100% original, distributed directly by Seiko Thailand.

Customers can bring the warranty card to receive a free strap adjustment service at below places.

  • Seiko Service Center located at 2032 Ital-Thai Tower FL.G & FL.2, New Petchburi Road, Bangkapi, Huaykwang District, Bangkok
    Tel.02-255-1245 ext.404-405 Open on Official date Monday-Friday
    (Closed on Sunday and Official holiday)Office hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Seiko counter at Central Department Store, The Mall, Robinson nationwide, we have counter for distribution.

Most of our watches can be replaced with leather and stainless-steel bands. We recommend check the details and prices directly at Seiko Service Center call: 02-255-1245 ext. 507


To deliver products How many days to receive the item?

Customers will receive the products within 3 working days after payment confirmed. Seiko will deliver the product by TNT company and customers can track the delivery status via this link:


Our website supports 3 payment methods:

  • Money transfer / Internet banking
  • Credit / debit card
  • Credit card installment (Subject to the bank’s conditions. Customers must contact the cardholder bank by themselves)

The warranty

All products are guaranteed for 1 year by SEIKO Thailand directly which cover internal parts.

Customer who purchase Seiko watches will get a warranty card (insurance card), which is very important because it is used as proof of warranty. There will be a 1-year product warranty period which can be serviced worldwide. So, Seiko will specify the model name and machine number on the warranty card which must match the watch purchased. For the terms of the product warranty equipment and internal parts will be guaranteed but it will not cover damage to external parts such as the glass cable, the case etc.

After sales service

You can bring the watch to our 2 service centers as follows

  • Service Center Seiko Service Center New Petchburi Road Soi 35          Tel 02-2551245-50

Open from Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, closed on Saturday – Sunday and public holidays.

  • Seiko Service Center at Gaysorn Village, B Floor                                       Tel 02-255-1245 ext. 888

However, if customers are inconvenient to go to Seiko Service Center. We suggested to bring your watch to any Seiko counters in leading department stores.

Watch repair receipt is very important, because when you bring the watch to repair, you will receive a “watch repair receipt”, which is used as evidence for repair and return after repair. For your own safety, If the repair receipt is not brought on the day of receiving the product, Seiko will not return products to customers until the customer show evidence of repair receipt. In case of losing repair receipt, please report the police station and show evidence of notification

In the case that the product is out of warranty conditions. You may have repair services by charging costs, which are service fees and repair parts. There will be a repair guarantee for 6 months after completing the repair. If the product is damaged during such period, Seiko will repair and fix it without charge. However, this will be the exception that the product is damaged unrelated to the previous repair or the product has external damage such as a broken glass.

Watch battery

Our battery depends on each watch model and the conditions of use. Typically, it lasts for about 2 years, but for some special watches, it can last for about 5-10 years, such as Seiko Perpetual Calendar model.

We recommend that everyone use original Seiko batteries. For prolong the service life of the watch Which has the following features:

  • Maintain constant voltage for a long time.
  • Always steady property under no stable environment (-10C to + 60C).
  • Prevent battery leakage.
  • Can be kept for a long time.

Please download the solar watch charging schedule in below.

Inspection and maintenance are needed for a watch.

For quartz watches, it is designed to have a warning system before the battery is low: the movement of the second hand will walk for 2 seconds at a time is a warning that the battery is running low. Batteries should be replaced every 2 or 3 years. Our Seiko Service Center will check the mechanic of the watch and clean the internal dirt such as water, dust, etc. Including oil droplets to make the machine walk easily.

For mechanical watches, we recommend you to check and maintain. Because this type of watch has a complex mechanism. For longtime usage, we suggested to check regularly every 3-5 years.

Magnetic field is the source of magnetic waves. Which the said wave It affects Quartz watches that use batteries in some systems also affect mechanical watches.

It will have an impact on Quartz watches in analogue systems (with hands) but will not affect quartz watches that are digital (numbers). Analogue watches will use power to drive the clock with a small motor. Which works by using a magnetic field to control. Therefore, if an external magnetic field interferes It will make the motor work. Discrepancy This will cause the analogue system to be imprecise or stop working at all. If exposed to a strong magnetic field for a mechanical watch Will not have much effect from the magnetic field If the magnetic field is high intensity May have some effect on this type of watch Such as symptoms walking slowly or quickly.

Avoid placing your watch near a source of magnetic fields such as electrical equipment, phones, speakers, or refrigerators, as well as other electronic devices where magnetic fields will affect the accuracy of the watch.

The case and band made of metal should be rinsed with water. Or if very dirty, use clean water or may use toothbrush washing. To keep stains, wipe with a clean cloth and blow dry or dry. Before storing in the watch box as usual.

The leather straps may have problems in the summer. Especially if there is sweat, the watch band will absorb moisture and can cause odor and damage, so it should be removed and wiped with a dry cloth after wearing. But should not be exposed to strong sunlight because it will damage watch cases and leather straps.


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