In 2020, Seiko has entered a big year, celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Prospex Diver Watch and launching a new campaign under the concept of “Keep Going Forward”.  It shifts from the original plan to be released earlier in the year to the latter quarter with the COVID 19 situation slowing many businesses. Which resulted in a delay in the launch of the campaign but in the end, Seiko continues to move forward in the next big campaign of the year. Which is considered a good opportunity to have Sunny Suwanmethanon to be the new brand ambassador of Seiko (Thailand) after Ananda Everingham. It has achieved great success with the “Move your adventurous mind further” and “Discover Your Planet” campaigns.

Sunny Suwanmethanon or as many people are best known as a talented actor who has been in the entertainment industry for more than 16 years with the first film, “Best Friend”, which made him a rising star. And from this role, Sunny received the Best Actor Award from Kom Chad Luek Award in 2005. After that he had other performances along the way. Although most of the characters received come out in a funny way but for roles that require professional acting talent proved that Sunny is definitely not defeated by professional actors. With determination A practice that has to convey feelings through the characters to be the most suitable role.

Under the concept of “Keep Going Forward”, “Never ending if you do not stop to continue.” brings out the identity of Seiko Prospex, especially spirit, including the brand that has nonstop developed new innovations for centuries. Sunny is also one of the actors who are constantly evolving in every role that has received. Which is guaranteed by many awards for Best Actor from many stages and continue to develop in order to continue in the show endlessly with the determination to never stop developing himself. Seiko, a leading watch brand From Japan, we chose “Sunny” to represent the brand. And convey the spirit of true professionalism. It also inspired the new generation to move forward to develop themselves according to the slogan “Keep Going Forward” with Seiko.