Seiko Prospex has a wide range of watches designed for people who love and are passionate about scuba diving. Now, we will take everyone to dive deeper into the history of ‘Seiko’.

Starting from the letter

The starting point of the dive watch from Seiko was born from a professional diver from Hiroshima prefecture who sent a letter to the Seiko watchmaking company in Japan, saying he wanted a watch that would dive deeper and withstand more air pressure. Including many problems, he wants such dive watch to meet what he wants. Until the end, it took Seiko engineer more than seven years to create a watch that can dive to a depth of 600 meters.

For over half a century, Seiko has been trusted by divers all over the world and choose to be one of the trusted dive watches. From the unstoppable development, it is the world’s first diver’s watch that choose to use titanium material that is stronger and lighter than general metals which is the main material in the manufacture of diving watches. There are dials that are clearly visible in all conditions. It also has an L shape-stabilized gasket that was developed to prevent water leakage also the mechanism of the watch that can assure its accuracy even when diving into the deep sea.

The first diver’s watch with unstoppable development

   Back in 1965, Japan’s first diver’s watch was produced. At that time, the watch was able to dive to a depth of 150 meters, it was a self-winding mechanical watch, and it proved its effectiveness with Japan’s 8th Antarctic Expedition Mission. In 1968 hi-beat mechanism has been manufactured and is said to be the highest standard in the world which can dive to a depth of more than 300 meters with automatic winding mechanism. As a result, the performance of the Seiko diver’s watches was developed in 1975. It is waterproof to 600 meters with a durable, lightweight multi-piece case, or as our fans call it “TUNA CAN”.

   From then on, the development of diver’s watches never stopped as the concept of “Keep Going Forward” Seiko engineers invented the quartz movement and increase the strength of the material to be more resistant to corrosion including waterproof performance up to 1,000 meters ever.

Lightweight and robust titanium body.

   In addition to watches with high performance mechanisms, the materials used in the design must also be of high quality and high performance. The early models of Seiko diving watch came with the case that made of titanium which is a special material used in the production of space shuttles. They are corrosion resistant and it is 40% lighter than steel, ensuring that it is durable. Special materials are then added over and over to make the watch more resistant to water pressure when submerged in water.

   Including the use of ceramic material covering the case to increase the corrosion resistance and water leakage. Helps to make it more lightweight and add beauty to the watch. Also can be mixed and matched to be used in daily life as well.

   The watch of the conqueror of Antarctic and Everest – When it comes to the most challenging places on earth, the Antarctic and Everest names are probably the first names many people think of but in this challenging place, Seiko watches have been proven to prove the effectiveness of time! In 1966, Seiko dive watches were used in the Antarctic Expedition by Japan Geographical Identification Agency. Including being carried out under the sea to test the waterproof performance. With the JAMSTAC Underwater Research Team, Office of Marine and Earth Science Technology Japan in 1983, the professional diver’s 600-meter Seiko diver’s watch was tested, which caused a shocking result for the team, as the Seiko watch was able to dive 1,062 meters in the depths of the Shinkai 2000 submarine. It has shown that, although designed to operate at only 600 meters, the watch is able to withstand even more water pressure limits. Further reinforcing the success and performance of the Seiko diver’s watch to the next level.

   For more than 55 years from the beginning, Seiko team still keep going forward, never stop developing and discovering the miracles of time together with a watch for everyone. Whether it is a quality material, a case design that meets both the highest demands and is as beautiful as a work of art at the same time also performance beyond expectations.

   It’s no surprise that the Seiko diver’s watch is a must-have for those who love challenges and are a watch worthy of their possession.